September 11,12,1999 at Cowra, NSW, Australia.  Our car wasn't ready due to a broken timing chain tensioner discovered the morning before we left.  Drove to Cowra (about 5 hours west of Sydney) and joined the service crew of another Datsun 510 (called a 1600 here).  That car spun a big-end bearing at the end of the first stage.  Ross and I spent the rest of the day spectating and walked 1 km into the stage below.  Long, flat out downhill, followed by a 2nd gear left/right S-turn, followed by a long uphill.  We stood in the "S" and got dusted  heavily...

    One of the front runners.

    One of the many 1600's.  This one was pretty quick.

    Another quick 1600.

    Ross very close to a sideways V8 Ford Falcon Ute.  It sounded sweet.

    Me with my back to a car out of control.  This one almost slid into the ditch.

    This 1600 squats under power.  They have pretty good grunt.

    The Rosssport car looks a lot like this.  Trim is yellow instead of grey.  Wheels are yellow.

    Another example.

    The mighty tow car.  350HP V8 in a 1979 Holden Kingswood station wagon.